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  • Jose Marie
    This is our daughter
    Jose Marie

      Mission Bluefields Home
    (September 22, 2015)

    A Family of Disciples Carries On in Nicaragua

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

    Here I am with Escarlet and Maria two weeks before Vital, Jose Marie, and I departed from Nicaragua on June 1. I went to visit Escarlet in Rama, and when we were walking to take the river speed-boat back to Bluefields, we were surprised to run across Maria. Maria confided in us that she was troubled by stress in her new job. We were standing in the middle of the street, and Escarlet just said, Lets pray for God to give you direction. This is amazing to me because eight years ago, Vital and I stretched out to Escarlet and gave her this message; and now Escarlet is doing the same for Maria. Its like a family of disciples.

    Now that were stretching forward to a new ministry in the Dominican Republic, Im certain that through the work of the Holy Spirit in Escarlet at the Bethel Rama Church, as well as in the disciples at the Bethel Bluefields Church and the Bethel Kukra Hill Church, His work will continue in Nicaragua through the disciples in these churches.

    Blessings in Christ,


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    September newsletter
    Ketly and Escarlet pray with Maria in Rama

    Bethel Rama Church/School
    completed in September, 2014

    American Baptist mission team from Colorado (led by
    John Turnage) work on Bethel Rama church/school
    (April 2013)
    (Last updated 22 September 2015)

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